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About Parent's Choice Learning Center
                                         OUR PHILOSOPHY

We aim to be much more than a child care center. We want to provide and model the best in early childhood education, combined with nuturing all children's needs. As early childhood educators, we strive to offer a developmentally appropriate and stimulating curriculum in a classroom setting that seeks to provide the warmth and security of a child's home. The environment that your child will encounter is an exciting one, full of materials to manipulate and that will allow for creative play and opportunities to create and explore with paint, clay and other media.

We believe that play is essential to the young child. Through play, young children learn to make sense of their physical, social and curtural environment.  Children develop cooperation, an enthusiasm for learning, creative thinking and problem solving skills through play situations that are carefully structured by experienced teachers.  We encourge children to express feelings such as sadness, fear, love, anger and happiness.  We beleive the development of these skills will assist children in continuing their education and forming peer relationships with confidence.

It is our intention to provide opportunities for parents to meet and discuss common concerns with teachers and staff to help gain more understanding of child developement, particularly as it applies to their child. We encourage you to visit any time and to join us for field trips and special family events at our center.