Parent's Choice Learning Center-  Biloxi's Best Preschool

Thank you for entrusting the care of your child with Parent's Choice
Parent's Choice Learning Center Services
INFANTS and TODDLERS:  Our curriculum for infants and toddlers is designed to be Whole Child oriented, developmental in nature, based on building relationships with the child and the family and full of stimulation.
   Our educational philosophy is based upon Developmentally Appropriate Practice and whole child philosophy. These are rooted in our belief that the child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual development are of equal importance. We provide activities and experiences that are hands-on, concrete, real world, sensory in nature and appropriate for the child's age and stage of development.
TWO'S:  The focus of our curriculum is on the developmental needs of two year olds. Our program creates a balance between nurturing and learning during one of the most critical brain development stages for children. Each month will feature a different theme and each Discovery Area will reflect the current theme with focus on the two year olds need for sensory explorations. Parents will be given a weekly letter featuring the nursery rhyme, songs, poems and finger plays used for the week. There is also an "Extend the Theme at Home" section with ideas and books, for you as parents, to do with your child.
PRE-K 3:  Our curriculum introduces math, science, language and social skills in a fun and exciting way. Our center provides a classroom where children are encouraged to explore and ask questions. The never ending "WHY QUESTION". These conversations open the door to learning. Because children learn best by doing we provide opportunities for hands-on experiences in our math and science Discovery Areas.
   Each month a different thematic unit is introduced. Parent letters are given at the start of each unit with a list of books that go along with the unit. Parents can bridge the learning experience from school to home by visiting the local library with their child thereby opening the door to the wonderful world of books.
PRE-K 4:  This is a critical time as children begin the adventure of a lifetime of learning. Pre-K 4 promotes independence while preparing your child for Kindergarten. We help make this transition smoother by helping children become familiar with a more structured learning environment.
   Thematic units are introduced each month to promote curiosity, self-direction and confidence. Letters of the Week and Vocabulary words are introduced weekly in audible,visual and written form.
   Classroom Discovery Areas are a part of the structure of the classroom.
  Tuition Rates are as follows:
   Infants................... .$135.00
   Toddlers................. $127.00
   Pre-K 3...................$120.00
   Pre-K 4...................$120.00
   After School............$60.00
Hours of Operation           Holiday Closings: New Year's Day, Mardi Gras, Memorial Day
6:00am-6:00pm M-F        July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas
Misc. Fees:
 2nd  Child.......$125.00

These fee are non-refundable
and are due annually.
​AFTER SCHOOL:Our school age program is built around two ideas. One: children have just had a long, hard day at school. Two: they probably just want to let loose and have fun. Our program is fun and loosely structured, yet filled with both imaginative and informative themes. We offer exciting Summer Camps, with each month having projects and field trips that are theme related. We will pick up from Popps Ferry and Jeff Davis Elementary.